Let me know if you have any problems viewing these videos. The second one is about 20 megs, so it should take about 1-4 minutes for your browser to completely download it with a fast connection.
These videos were taken in April 2007.
Peruvian lady weaving together fabric from Alpaca fibers Ruben teaching us about Llamas just outside of Cuzco, Peru
Llama Wool Weaving Info on Peru's Mascot
Cuy, Guinea Pig, being baked for lunch in a traditional horno (oven). The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu.
Cuy Bake Machu Picchu
People on strike in central Cuzco, Peru. Jean and I on Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca, Peru.
Cuzco Worker's Strike Lake Titicaca