Sebastian becomes a big boy!

August was a big month for Sebastian – he turned 2 years old and started school!

Just like all of my recent “catch up” blog postings, the events that took place in this post all happened a while ago and I don’t remember all of the details unfortunately.

The highlights from August were:

(1) Sebastian started school on August 10th, when he joined Logan at her school.  Sebastian continued there at Jolly Seedlings until the school year ended in November.  He LOVED it!  Being around the other kids was fun, he liked his teachers, but mostly he was so happy to not be contained to his playpen where he spent the bulk of his days up to that point.  I was thrilled for him and like his sisters, he never wanted to leave school in the afternoons.  He would use so much energy running around like crazy at school that he would almost always fall asleep on the car ride home when Carolyn would pick him up in the afternoons around 2pm.

(2) Sebastian and Logan went on a field trip with their school to Hello Kitty on August 25th.  Logan rode with one of her teachers, and Carolyn took Sebastian and met up there together with her friend Elizabeth and her daughter “Little Alex”.  They all had a blast — check out one of the group photos below and see how happy Sebbie is while being held by Teacher Mei – huge smile!

(3) The clerk who worked for me, Syifa, got a back injury one weekend while working OT.  Syifa is such a sweetheart and my family adores her because when I was in the US with all my medical issues she was the main person from Malaysia who kept checking on me and wishing me well.  I visited her in the hospital one evening with Zoe and Logan, and several of the guys who work for me visited her there too.  In on of the photos you can see a pulley at the end of her hospital bed, with a small rope running across it to a jug of water.  This was the hospital’s treatment for a slipped disc — tying the rope to her legs and letting the weight of the water stretch her spine out.  Seemed a little bit like medieval torture to me, and Syifa is a legend for surviving that place.

(4) On Monday, August 28th, we celebrated Sebastian’s second birthday at home with a dinosaur cake (Land Before Time) and several presents.  He loved the cake and made many “roars” from his new dinosaur toys at his sisters to scare them away.  He grew up so much in just a month!  Turning 2 and starting school…

Here are the photos from August: