Returning to our relaxation destination – Bali!

At the end of June, about 10 days before my father was due to return to the US, we flew back to Bali for a vacation.  We stayed in the exact same villa we had stayed in years earlier (Balicosy in Legian); not just the same property where there are several villas, but literally the exact same villa.  The owner remembered us and she was just as sweet and accommodating as she had been years earlier, making special provisions for our children (toys, etc).

Like I mentioned in a previous post, the events detailed in these “catch-up” blog postings happened a considerable time ago (nearly 6 moths!), so I do not remember all the details.  What I do remember is the following:

(1) We spent lots of time in the pool.  I LOVE swimming around with my kiddos!  Mostly it was me, Zoe, Logan and Papaw, but Sebastian has the same insatiable desire to stay in the pool swimming and hopping into it from the edge that his sisters have, and he cried whenever he was taken out.  Zoe has gotten to be a good little swimmer and doesn’t need any floaties, while Logan has gained a lot of confidence and will jump in from the edge without you being right there to catch her.  We swam in the morning, we swam in the hot afternoons and we swam under the moon with the colorful pool lights on.  People nearby the property flew kites almost constantly, so we watched those while swimming, and we even saw someone buzzing around a drone over the property one afternoon.

(2) We returned to the Bali Bird Park, and this time Zoe was more courageous than ever, wanting exotic birds both big and small to perch on her arms and shoulders.  Sebastian wasn’t quite as impressed as his big sister by the birds, only briefly reaching out to pet a wreathed hornbill that was hanging out on the top of his stroller.  Logan was not as brave with the birds as she has become with swimming – she didn’t want any birds on her, but she loved looking at them from a couple of meters and pointed them out to all of us.

(3) We had some great meals, including some pizza/calzones from a place we had when staying in Legian previously, some excellent Mexican, and even some babi guling!

(4) The girls all went for an afternoon at a local salon where Logan and Zoe had their hair braided while Carol got a mani-pedi that included some bunga rayas (hibiscus flowers).

(5) It was really relaxing for me, and exactly what I needed from a vacation.  I spent the majority of the trip either in the pool or sleeping and it was perfect!

Here are the photos from our June 2017 trip to Bali: