Hanging out with Papaw

Papaw stayed with us for May, June and the beginning of July.  May and June were very relaxed compared to the chaos we went through in February and March with all of my health issues.

I worked, Carol took the girls to school each day, Papaw helped with Zoe’s homework and the kids enjoyed several different activities throughout those months whenever there was free time.  Carol and I took the girls bowling at the Tanjong Puteri in Pasir Gudang one weekend afternoon, and Papaw joined Carolyn and the kids on various trips to the TESCO playground and Hello Kitty.

We made it to New Hong Kong for our traditional Sunday brunch several times, and Carol joined the kids when they went to get their teeth cleaned here in Taman Molek (and Logan didn’t freak out at all).  The kids also had a couple of afternoons where they swam in their tiny pool in our yard.

I don’t really have many specific stories from those two months (May and June) because they were so long ago, but looking back at the photos reminded me of why the kids love their Papaw so much — at 68 years old he rides bumper cars with Zobug even though it was a struggle to get the safety belt over his head, and she had an absolute blast on that bumper car.  Papaw also crawled inside the children’s play area to help Sebastian get around and play.  Most parents don’t do that, and hardly any grandparents do.  It is December now and we are packing to return for good to the US and the main thing Zoe and Logan say they want to do is “see Papaw” when we get back to the US…

Here are the photos: