Papaw strolls into town

At the very end of April (4/29) my dad arrived at Changi airport.

He had not ever apologized for yelling at me for his mistake of arriving far too early on the morning of my surgery in Nashville, nor had he ever apologized for skipping town because of his mistake and leaving me to go through that ordeal without him.

Regardless, I was happy he was coming to visit because he’s my dad, flaws and all.  I’ve done many stupid things in my life that I’m sure I never apologized to him for and he has always forgiven me, so it was my turn to return the favor.

I drove everyone over to Singapore on the evening of his arrival, and Carolyn joined Zoe as they waited at the arrivals hall to welcome him.  I circled around the airport in our van with Sebastian and Logan both asleep as they waited, and eventually he came through and we headed back to Malaysia.

My dad would be staying with us for a little longer than 2 months, May and June, with a trip to Bali planned at the end of June just before his departure in early July.

While he was visiting we celebrated Mother’s Day with brunch at NHK, and all the kids were dressed up in new clothes for that celebration.  My dad spent many hours reading to the girls, playing with Sebastian, helping Zoe with her homework and being a great grandfather.  The kids absolutely adore their grandfather, primarily because he spends so much time with them and doing the things they want to do.

Here are a few photos from the time while he was here in Malaysia, including several of the kids shopping for clothes and going to Mother’s Day brunch: