Rabbit dance tutorial

On September 1st we woke up and had a nice breakfast in our villa.  As soon as breakfast was over the girls were ready to get into the pool.  This pool was much larger than the pool in our Amed villa, and the water temperature was equally as different.  The small pool in Amed was in the sun all day long while the pool in Ubud was mostly underneath lush tropical vegetation, but even that couldn’t explain the difference of the temperature completely because the water in Amed was perfect – maybe even a little warm, but the water in Ubud was absolutely freezing.  It felt great if you would get back from being out somewhere doing something and you were all sweaty from the ridiculous heat and humidity, but at 9am it was frigid.

The girls weren’t fazed by the cold water in the least, even though they were trembling they insisted on staying in the pool for like an hour and a half.  Luckily once you were in there for about 10 minutes you would adjust and it wasn’t bad.

After a while swimming we relaxed in the villa until Carol, Zoe and my dad went into town to do some shopping.  I stayed in the villa with Logan and Sebastian.  It was great to be able to spend so much time with my kids during the vacation to Bali because in a normal work week I hardly see them since I leave as they’re waking up and more often than not they’re already asleep when I return home at night, especially Sebastian.  I’ve gone more than 7 days straight without even seeing Sebastian just in the past month because he would be asleep during the few hours I’d be at home to sleep and shower before returning to work.

When Carol, Zoe and my dad returned to the villa they weren’t there for long before heading off to a dinner show to see some Balinese dancers.  They took Logan with them this time and I opted to stay at the villa with Sebastian.

I don’t know all the details about the dinner show except that they had dinner near a stage where dancers performed, including several little girls who did a rabbit dance that Zoe and Logan enjoyed.  The biggest part of the night was when they selected a few people from the audience to participate and they brought Zoe up on stage!  Logan refused but Zoe went up there and practiced some dance moves with one of the dancers.

Here are the photos from our first full day in Ubud, September 1st: