Late night swim and then back to Malaysia

On Tuesday, December 9th, we relaxed around the villa.  Carol did go out shopping for quite a while, but the majority of my day was spent in the pool with the girls.  On Wednesday, our final day in Bali, we did more of the same — swimming and relaxing.  Carolyn and I both regretted that we didn’t extend our stay through Saturday and return to Malaysia on Sunday because it was such a relaxing and fun time but too short.

On Wednesday night my dad and Zobug went for a final late night swim and I played around with my camera and tried to take some night shots; you can see in those photos below that I have lots to learn and I need a tripod!

Carol and my dad did go out to grab some take away at a local place that was recommended, Made’s Warung.  Of course they took their sweet time to relax at the restaurant and have some mojitos…  The food was good though.  Balinese food ain’t bad at all; we actually like it much better than Malaysian food, although I do like lontong and Carolyn loves roti canai.  Balinese grub is light years better than “Singaporean” food, which I think is really just that nasty cold chicken rice and this messy dish they call chili crab.  Singapore obviously has lots of excellent options, but those are all foreign imports and not Singaporean food.

On Thursday, December 11th, we checked out and flew back to Singapore and then got a ride back to JB.

I’m posting this blog several weeks after returning to Malaysia, on December 30th, and I just wanted to note that an AirAsia flight from Surabaya to Singapore apparently crashed a couple of days ago and 162 people lost their lives.  We are really sad and hate that this tragedy happened and affected the lives of so many people, including those family and friends who lost loved ones.  We have enjoyed flying AirAsia many times and our recent route from Bali to Singapore was almost identical to the path from Surabaya to Singapore, so it really hit home that it could happen to us and we’re thankful to be here and have just celebrated Christmas as a family.

Here are some more photos from our trip to Bali, including some from my dad’s camera that include a shot of Zoe in the Singapore airport on our way to Bali, a few on our outing day to Tanah Lot and Ubud, and then some of the girls at our villa, plus the night shots I took of the final swim: