Tanah Lot followed by fly larvae in Ubud

On Sunday night we contacted a driver we found on the internet, Wayan Lia, and asked him to pick us up on Monday morning at 9am.  We told him what we would like to see and he said we could get to all of it, and it would cost IDR 600,000 (about $60) for the day, and that included the car rental, all the gas, him as the driver, and all parking fees.

Wayan was at our villa just before 9am on Monday and we loaded in and headed off to Tanah Lot.  Tanah Lot is a temple on an island just off the coast of Bali that’s a famous spot for people to go and watch sunsets.  We didn’t want to mess with the huge crowds that supposedly swamp the place at sunset so we decided the first stop in the morning would be better.

Wayan dropped us off and we made our way down a street lined on either side with vendors selling trinkets, cheap tourist t-shirts and snacks.  We eventually made it down to the cliffs overlooking Tanah Lot.  We walked around the outer edge and took photos.  It was high tide so you couldn’t make your way out to Tanah Lot for a blessing from the holy men that stay there, but several visitors were walking as far out on the slippery rocks as possible towards it.

We stopped at a little viewing spot and took photos, including a couple of Flat Stanley, whom dad forgot at home but luckily I grabbed him on the way out the door.  A little further down the path was a guy with a huge yellow and white snake that Zoe was impressed with.  The crowd increased significantly in the 30 minutes we spent there.  It’s a beautiful site, but after a few photos you’ve seen what it has to offer.

We headed back to Wayan’s van.  It was extremely hot so Carol bought some drinks and my dad purchased one of those Vietnamese conical rice-picker hats to keep his head from getting burnt.

Next we drove for a little over an hour to Ubud where we went directly to Bridges for lunch.  Traffic in Ubud was a little heavy and Wayan pointed out a huge ornamental burial display that was for someone in the royal family.

We had a great lunch at Bridges when we visited Ubud the first time, but this time it was horrible.  Without going into all the details I’ll say that within a 30 minute span Zoe spilled her Shirley Temple all over the place, Carolyn found a maggot in her gnocchi, Zoe nearly pulled Logan and her heavy wooden high chair over onto the ground and the meal still cost $75!  I ordered the same gnocchi as Carol so once she found the maggot I lost my appetite too.  The funny thing was that once we pointed it out to the staff they apologized several times and asked what else she wanted, then the waiter returned and sounded so relieved to tell us “don’t worry, it is not a caterpillar, it’s a baby fly”.  Lovely, not a caterpillar – only a maggot.  They didn’t charge us for either of the gnocchi plates, and they claimed that it was due to excessive flies in the spinach because of all the heavy rains.  Ahh, don’t you wash the vegetables before you throw them onto the plate??!

After the Bridges experience we have Wayan drive over near the Monkey Forest and we dropped off Carol and Zoe so they could go shopping.  Ubud has amazing stores for shopping; I would even enjoy shopping in Ubud and I absolutely hate shopping.  My dad and I had Wayan take us over to a “museum” called the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA).  It wasn’t a very impressive museum because there weren’t that many pieces of art, but what they did have was colorful and we enjoyed it.  Logan was with us, but she was wiped out and she slept the whole time.  While ARMA wasn’t much of a museum it did have beautiful grounds with lots of water fountains, flowers, mossy covered statues and it was just really peaceful.  We were the only people in the entire place except for 2 members of the staff that we passed by.

We took photos and walked around for about 45 minutes, then we headed back to Wayan’s van and went to picked Carol and Zoe.  It was hot as hell, but we enjoyed the scenery.

After picking up the girls we rode for about 1.5-2 hours back to our villa.  We had originally planned to continue on further south to watch the sunset at another famous oceanside temple, but we’d had a long day, Zoe had a blister on her foot that was hurting and we were ready to go swimming.  After getting to our villa we all went swimming for a couple of hours and then had dinner.  Carol picked up some Italian food, including a prawn pizza for my dad that had a gigantic prawn laying right in the middle – he enjoyed it…

Here are the photos: