Some needed relaxation

All day Saturday and Sunday were spent in our villa’s pool, except for the few trips Carolyn and my dad made out into Legian, Kuta and Seminyak to pickup food or to go shopping.  We had some pretty good meals and Carolyn spent about 4 hours with my dad walking around the shops in Seminyak while I stayed at home with the girls.  It was very relaxing and restful.

I did end up getting a little sun burnt, but nothing too bad.  Zoe absolutely loves to swim but she spent most of her pool time squirting anything and everything with the squirt guns Carol picked up in JB before we left.  Zoe would squirt me and yell something like “take that you evil beast!” and when I’d squirt her right back she’d say something like “no, daddy, don’t shoot me – we’re on the same team”.  I’d apologize and then she’d come right back and squirt me in the face again and yell “off my ship you dirty pirate!”.  She called her Papaw an “old cod fish” and then sprayed him, but when he sprayed her she screamed that he was “too powerful” and she asked Carolyn and I to spray him for her.  She’s a nut…

Logan likes to splash the water directly in front of her, but once the water covers her face she acts surprised.  She also likes to chase down the beach balls that are floating in the water.  As a side note, Logan had 4 top teeth break through her top gums within the past couple of days.

Here are the photos from Saturday and Sunday (December 6th and 7th):